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I bought my home in Ashburn, Virginia in the Ashbrook community in May of 2005. I recently had a problem with my home that was not discovered during the warrenty period.

My guest bathroom which my wife and I use very infrequently leaked through the ceiling below it into the dinning room. I had a plumber come to my home and repair the damage. When the plumber removed the toilet he informed me that the leak was because the toilet was installed improperly. The toilet was completely missing a seal that was supposed to be there (the wax seal) and another cone shaped seal was put in upside down causing water to run around the seal and not into the drainage pipe.

I contacted Richmond American Homes customer service and was told I needed to speak with David Dovian who is the head of customer service. I left several messages for him to no avail. I finally got in contact with the president of Richmond American Homes and he had Mr. Dovian call me that same day.

Mr Dovian asked if I could fax him the invoice after the work was completed so he could review it and speak with the contractor. I faxed Mr. Dovian the invoice after the work was completed liked he had asked. I got no call back after it was faxed.

I had to call him back the next day since I received no phone call from him. Mr. Dovian then informed me that my warranty period was up (this I already knew) and they would not pay for the repair. He did not call the contractor like he told me he would.

He had absolutely no concern that the toilet was installed improperly and stated that since I did not catch their mistake during the period that Richmond American Homes is not responsible for the damage they caused. I then called the president of Richmond American to see what his stance was on the issue. He informed me that had I given them a chance to do the repair they would of taken care of it. I then told him that I did give them plenty of time to come out to my home and review the damage and faulty installation.

It took 5 days to finally get a call back. Then there was 3 days after talking to Mr. Dovian before the work was done. How long does Richmond American Homes think I should have sewege leaking in my home.

The president of Richmond American Homes had no comment about that and stated that they would do nothing about their faulty workmanship.

Anyone who is considering buying from Richmond American Homes should think of buying from a different builder as I would never buy a home from them again. Not to mention all the problems I had when I first moved I would list them all, but it would become a novel.

Review about: Richmond American Homes Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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