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This is our first home. When I seen my house built I was excited but, a nervous and not comfortable.

After reading all these reviews about Richmond Homes I thought I was the only one treated different. Made me feel a little less stress cause I'm still in the process of incomplete closing. We have been lied too. Richmond is not sticking to the contract as promise.

No one is calling us to do our first walk through. No one is calling us to pick our items at Richmond store and now telling us its too late we get what we get. When we seen the frame work I seen a lot of cracks in the walls I even took pictures wood was weak and torn up when we report it we was told that it was okay and it's not going to be fixed. Now, I'm not a builder but I'm not *** either.

What I do know is after wood get old after a while that cracked will move more and break and this is not safe for me and my children. We was told we was getting phones and cable wire in all rooms then they changed it and it's not happening. We were told all lot of things and Richmond does not keep there promise. When we tried to speak to our sales person about it his response was to drop out get a different property instead of resolving the issue.

I am going through three of my children who has illness and I thought purchasing a home should be less stress and to feel comfortable in your new home. This is putting me to so much stress I can't even focus at work. My stomach has a burning pain cause of what Richmond is putting my family through. They are not doing there job and I'm afraid if we move here we will have even more problems.

I feel I'm investing my money into problems and not for good cause. As a customer I feel Richmond should stick to there contract agreement, do there job, set meetings to whom we supposed to meet with etc. Right now our home is not complete yet but in the process of putting in dry wall and still not trying to fix this issue. I'm supposed to be paying extra for phone wiring and cables and garage owner now I'm being told I can't get that.

I'm sorry just thinking about this put me at stress. Thanks

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Denver, Colorado, United States #994459

I don't know how anyone takes you seriously with your horrendous grammar and misuse of words, i.e., "I seen..." as opposed to, I SAW!

If you are ***, how can you expect anyone to treat you otherwise?

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