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My husband and I looked at a Richmond American Home in Arizona that was listed on the MLS for $253,405, which we would were willing to pay. When our realtor spoke with the salesperson, we were told the price of the home was $267,139.

When our realtor pointed out the MLS displayed the price as $253,405, someone from the organization when into the MLS and changed the price to $267,139. My realtor spoke with one of the managers at Richmond and pointed out the fact that she sat in her office and show the price change, on her computer screen, after bringing it to the attention of their salesperson. My realtor stated the Richmond American should honor the price that was listed on the MLS which they absolutely refused to do. After several conversations with Richmond American, they stated we could purchase the house for $259,500 because of all of the upgrades that went into the house.

Richmond American does not seem like an organization that puts morals and ethics as high priority values and they are not an organization that I would do busy with.

An ethical organization would have owned up to the mistake and agreed to sell us the house at the price that it was listed at and not try to be sneaky and change the price (like we would not have seen it). Shame on you Richmond American!!

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This is standard practice for Richmond American. This is nothing compared to after you close escrow. To anyone considering this builder, watch out and consider all your options before getting involved with this company.


Errors and mistakes in pricing happens, it's part of any sales industry. You are also the person that expects Walmart or any large retailer to sell you something for $99.99 because they misprinted an add that was supposed to be $999.99.

Facts of life, errors happen and company aren't going to take major loses because of them. Stop trying to capitalize on human errors to benefit yourself.

They disclosed to you prior to you buying the home there was an error so there was nothing done unethically. Even more, they went ahead and tried to give you a discount because of the error, which no company is required to do.



Do you know what MLS is or ever purchased property or how it is used by realtors? If so, you would know that what this builder is doing is not ethical?


Obviously the price your agent saw in MLS was the base price. Just like new cars, new houses have many available options and upgrades.

Would you really expect a Chevrolet dealer to sell you a new car with options at the advertised base price. I think not.

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