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We have been underway for over 8 months in Colorado Springs - Banning Lewis subdivision with a new home build - Daniel Plan - with Richmond American. We signed papers in December 2015 and canceled the contract in September 2016. We signed papers to discontinue this build as all we have after numerous delays and lies over all these months is a foundation that is cracked on every corner but one on a corner of the garage, bows in 3 of the 4 walls -... Read more

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Richmond American Homes House Construction Review from Fairfield, California
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Unfortunately we had Richmond American Homes build our new home. We do love the floor plan but everything else was a disaster. The sales staff were very unprofessional and rude. The loan process was like the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing and the construction Foreman would not accommodate for our work schedule (he gets off at 3pm). The floor plan is amazing but the workmanship is very amateurish. All of our upgrades were... Read more

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We were in the process of purchasing a RAH home when a buyer backed out and we wanted to change lots. We were willing to pay for all of the upgrades that the previous two people had chosen without complaint. They came back and wanted to include ALL of the price increases that they had made to date. To make it worse they waited to quote us a price until after they increased the prices again. They wanted $411k for a condo with linoleum and... Read more

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and the my air ducts and vents not sealed and in some rooms the air vents never worked my home was painted with multibule colors on the out side walls and you can drive by and see that it is not just my home in this area my husband was very sick and the room he stay had no air flow it was like other rooms that did not get fixed this was a new build home i contacted the az builders contract service to make... Read more

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We bought a Richmond American Home in Centennial, CO which by the way turned out to be Aurora. They have ruined all of our dreams and put us under so much stress. There are two broken cabinets in my kitchen for which I paid an extra $7,500 to upgrade. They want to put a skin on top of the cracks. The counter on top of the cabinets is cracked which only confirms that there is a balance problem with the cabinets, but they will fill the crack... Read more

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Richmond American Homes - Windermere Farms in Carroll County
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I purchased my new home here at Windermere Farms in Carroll County and have nothing but craftsmanship and installations issues since my purchase. My front door I have had so much trouble with because of Door Observation: 1. Door opening padded 4” with OSB 2. No Tyvek on main sheathing of home 3. No flashing present at top of door required by Therma Tru under instruction 11 of installation. File included 4. No flashing present on sides 5. No... Read more

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Richmond American Homes - Don't buy Richmond American
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Don't buy Richmond American! When you go through the models look closely and you will see the poor craftsmanship. They use cheap contractors that take zero pride in their work. Not to mention as they do their job, they destroy what is already done as they go. Our home was supposed to be ready in August 2015. We didn't close until November 2015. It still wasn't perfect, but they made a million empty promises on how they would take care of... Read more

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We purchased our home in 2010 and all seemed well. We just had our ac stop up and water dripped into bedroom, ruined ceiling. Worse part is had AC man out and it happens whoever installed this unit installed pans backward, did not put drain in lower pan, kick off value did not work , upper pan cracked so all the water drained into lower pan with no drain attached as supposed to so pan overflowed into our bedroom. Rusted out the coil. Fan on... Read more

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My wife read internet reviews of Richmond prior to us putting money down. I shrugged it off as internet reviews are just pissed off buyers. Well I should have listened to her. We closed begrudgingly with the promises of stuff being fixed after closing through warranty. Well I am about ready to call and retain an attorney since I am sick of screwing around with these guys. In 4 months on our 600k house we have had 1) Hardwood floor delimitation... Read more

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My close friend Jeannine decided to buy a home from this company. Before a construction meeting could occur (ground was not broken) She had a financial issue come up and was unable to secure 100% financing. They ARE REFUSING to return her hard earned money. Fort Collins residents BEWARE. Do not but from this company. It is not oly unethical but illegal. I am speaking to the District Attorneys office on her behalf. Class action? Please post here!... Read more

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