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Put everything in writing. learned my lesson. they are nothing but a devious liar. they are going to go out of business. you just cant run a business way they do. did everything they ask me to do to buy a house. but they didnt keep their word, what was i thinking trusting them. they told me i would get 3% off for not bringing my sales rep(realtor). but they end up keeping that money. this lady... Read more

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KS, Division President, is new to the company. Within 3 months, she made it very clear that she will use any and all tactics (whether ethical or not) to achieve her numbers. She treats the sales agents with no respect and disregards any and all administrators as competent. It is very clear KS is not qualified for this position, and using Russian tactics should be relieved of her duties. KS... Read more

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After 14 1/2 months we still don't have a home. They have made ever excuse possible exempt taking ownership of their failures. Mismanagement they have mastered this includes VP's that won't call you back to site personnel. Add comment

Good morning.this is Houcine ,Mlih I purchased home from Rechmond American home company since 2013 ,we had issue last two months,they started fixed but they don't finished yet ,and there is more things I tried to contact customer service ,Intel now no one contact me yet Add comment

After 8 months of partial construction and delays on delays I don't even have a roof to start the interior. After being told it will be this week by multiply management levels including a VP don't believe them they will let you down. Don't expect your home to be finished unless you have a minimum of a year. Add comment

Failed to complete 1 year maintenance. Several appointments scheduled for paint and drywall in which workers never showed up. Missed time from work Add comment

In contract buying a home from Richmond American Homes in Las Vegas, NV, and during this journey the sales representative to their regional corporate office have been inconsistent with what they are representing for sale~bordering fraud. I had personally called to verify information to only learn the corporate staff and field sales representatives provide different answers. In fact, they defy... Read more

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Richmond American Homes - Review about Sunroom from Gloucester Township, New Jersey
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Original Report: Richmond American Homes built my home 8 years ago. We purchased the home for close to 700K. Last week i noticed a piece fo siding falling from the sunroom part of my house. Underneath this fallen siding reveal rot. My entire sunroom needs its entire structure rebuild. I had an expert insurance adjuster and builder evaluate my home and they both state that the flashing was not... Read more

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100% FULL

Richmond installed Milgard Windows (lifetime warranty) missing 4 out of 5 installation steps. All windows on west side of house leak in severe rain storms because of the poor installation. First few years Richmond sent someone out to re-caulk (which is the only installation step they got right) but then said tough luck after 4 years. Milgard tells us that if the windows are installed correctly... Read more

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I feel like the stupidest person in America for not reading these comments before contracting with Richmond American Homes. After being shown some lovely looking homes with high end features, our family made a deposit and began planning our move to our new home, in a new city, before starting in new schools and at a new job. Exciting, but lots of change, especially for three kids anxious about... Read more

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